The Stiff Older Golfers Bible for Instant Power and Distance Without Exercise or Stretching

The Stiff Older Golfers Bible For Instant Power And Distance…. Golf Exercises For Seniors


I Know I Should Exercise For Golf, But…

  • BUT I’m busy and don’t have enough time to fit in a golf exercise program
  • BUT I have pain and exercise makes it worse
  • BUT I don’t like exercise and am not interested in starting now
  • BUT I have tried golf exercises and they did not help my golf game
  • BUT I don’t want to wait several months before exercise improves my game

 BUT I Want To Play Better Right Now!

golf exercises for older peopleMy name is Dr. Ryan York. I am a Certified Golf Performance Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I hold a BS Degree in Exercise Science and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.

Additionally, I have undergone advanced training in Spinal Biomechanics and Human Movement Science at the Gray Institute. I have worked with thousands of golfers of all ages right across America just like you since 2007 and it was during my work as a orthopedic physical therapist in a senior golf resort community that I came to understand the unique needs of older golfers intimately.

Since that time in senior golf resort community, I have wanted to offer a program like this one to help older golfers.

Stiff Older Golfers Bible For Power proved to be an intensive book to put together, more intensive than any other program we have ever offered with golf exercises for seniors. Why you ask? Because I have created this targeted book purely for older golfers from the age of 50 and upwards who are serious about improving their game of golf and enjoying Life! golf exercises for seniors

So When I Say There Is NOTHING On The Planet That Will Benefit Your Golf Game Like This Program,
I Mean It!

Since 2007, we have been dedicated to making golf more fun and enjoyable for golfers over 50. But we were failing a large portion of these golfers…golfers like you!

All popular programs were exercise based. But for many golfers, exercise is not a possibility, not practical, or just plain inconvenient. Plus, it takes some time for exercise and stretching to make a difference and not many golfers want to wait that long to see results…

Regardless, golfers like you still want to play a great and rewarding game of golf. Especially for golfers over 50, because you now have more free time to play and enjoy golf…with an emphasis on ‘enjoy.’ This product is all about you: so you can enjoy golf again pain free.

What If You Could Play A Satisfying And Rewarding Round Of Golf…

      • HOW much more fun do you have when you play well?
      • HOW much more fun would you have driving your ball 20 yards farther?
      • HITTING approach shots with short irons instead of longer ones?
      • PUTTING for birdies instead of scrambling to make par…or worse?
      • TAKE your average score and subtract 5-10 strokes…is that more enjoyable?
      • STOP struggling through your golf game!
golf exercises for seniors

Read on to discover how this incredibly unique program of golf exercises for seniors, for golfers over 50 can turn your ‘struggle’ into a relaxing and enjoyable experience on the golf course!

For the First Time Ever, instruction to help you play great golf DESPITE stiffness and the effects of age. Your body is not the same as it was 20 years ago, so why use the same swing fundamentals that were designed for the younger golf player?

The Fundamental Golf Swing Assumes You Do Have This Flexibility!

If you don’t have this level of flexibility and fitness, standard golf tips may not be effective for you.

“The Stiff, Older Golfers Bible for Instant Results Without Exercise or Stretching” offers specific, and easy to follow changes with  golf exercises for seniors to the standard fundamentals that adjust for your current age and flexibility.

The Result?

Add distance, improve fluidity, timing and play a golf game that the standard instruction or instructor will tell you that you are too stiff or old to play with.

With These Targeted Golf Exercises For Seniors, I Will Personally Take You By The Hand With Easy to Follow Instructions, Illustrations, And Videos To Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know And Enjoy An Instant Change In Your Golf Game.

golf exercises for seniors to play a better game of golf

What You Will Find In The Stiff Older Golfers Bible For Instant Power And Distance…. Without Exercise Or Stretching

Level 1 Tips:
Are golf exercises for seniors and tips that nearly all golfers over 50 can use

These golf exercises for seniors and  tips have minimal to no risk of affecting your accuracy or consistency. Not only will these tips add power to your game, but they will often improve accuracy, consistency and reduce pain related to age or injury. Tips like these…

  • How your golf setup MUST BE different than a younger golfers if you want to keep up with them
  • The 1 move, exclusive to golfers over 50 that will sync your golf swing for rhythm and timing on every shot
  • How to instantly maximize your backswing without sacrificing accuracy
  • ….and 12 more targeted tips to radically lift your golf game!

Level 2 Tips:
Have a slightly higher risk of affecting your accuracy

However, I am very comfortable making these recommendations to you since most golfers find these tips to be very useful. If you are using Level 1 tips but are looking for additional golf exercises for seniors, you will find it with the tips labeled “Level 2.” Tips like these…
  • 3 Specific adjustments to add distance when your back and hips are as stiff as a board.
  • Step-by-step guide for stiff golfers to hit a draw for distance and roll.
  • 2 Fundamental Wrist and Elbow adjustments you have to make if you are stiff …including 6 more tips to get you swinging like a 30 year old again!

Level 3 Tips:
Specific Golf Exercises For Seniors for golfers with SUBSTANTIAL stiffness needing a significant increase in power and willing to sacrifice minimum to moderate levels of accuracy

  • If you are the type of golfer that consistently drives the ball down the middle, but only 150 yards, Level 3 tips are for you!
  • For the ultra-stiff golfer, there are answers! Despite what others have told you, you can gain distance.
  • The Simple grip change to add 5 mph to your golf swing
  • 2 Crucial setup changes that will add distance to the stiffest golfer
  • If you must, add this one subtle power move to give your drive some juice …plus 4 more of my top techniques to add power and distance
I Will Teach You How To EASILY Add Power, Distance And Accuracy With The Body You Currently Have!


Here is What You Get:
  • Age Defying Golfs’ Official Manual: The Stiff, Older Golfers Bible for INSTANT Results….Without Exercise or Stretching
  • Level I instruction for golfers over 50: Changes that are simple and easy to make which will add easy distance and improved consistency to your golf game
  • Level II instruction for golfers over 50: Changes for extra stiff golfers whose bodies are restricting them from making a traditional golf swing
  • Level III instruction for golfers over 50: Golf exercises for seniors with instructions for the stiffest of all golfers. No matter how stiff your body feels, level III instruction will add extra power to your golf game
  • The most up to date Golf Equipment Guide for golfers over 50. If your driver swing is slower than 100mph, you should not be using the same equipment as younger golfers. Find out which equipment will maximize distance and forgiveness for your golf game…it makes a difference.

The ability to get your money back within 60 days…without a single question or raised eyebrow from me or my other instructors!

golf exercises for seniors

golf exercises for seniors

Limited Time Offer
Buy Now Gives You Access To 4 Great Bonuses

    • 1) Get Free Lifetime Access to Companion Video’s. These easy to follow video’s will give you easy to follow short cuts to apply the tips included in the manual. If you want to see exactly how we do it, as we do it, these videos are a must have!
    • 2) Our all time best selling book with fantastic reviews has helped thousands of golfers over 50 play better golf. This book addresses the most common swing faults that develop in golfers as they get older. Are you blaming “age” for your problems on the golf course? No more!
    • 3) You can receive the book that thousands of golfers have already paid full retail price for and have rated 4.5/5 stars! If you have any pain in your golf game, this guide can help you save thousands of dollars in physician fees/surgery, and rehabilitation. Don’t put off a small problem that can turn into major surgery and force you off the golf course and onto your couch!
  • 4) 10 Extra Bonus’s for additional golf exercises for seniors
  1. The Fantastic Five Golf Stretch in 5 Minutes
  2. The Super Quick Daily Stretch in 5 Minutes
  3. The Easy Bedtime Stretch in 3 Minutes
  4. The Ultimate Golf Specific Hip Stretch Guide
  5. The Ultimate Golf Specific Shoulder Stretch Guide
  6. The Ultimate Golf Specific Stretch Guide Part I: Neck and Upper Back
  7. The Ultimate Golf Specific Stretch Guide Part II: Mid Back – The Golf Rotators
  8. The Ultimate Golf Specific Stretch Guide Part III: Low Back
  9. The Golf Specific Stretch Guide to Cure the Slice
  10. The Golf Specific Stretch Guide to the Top 5 Swing Killers for Golfers Over 50

golf exercises for seniorsHaving taken up golf reluctantly at the age of 63, I was surprised to find myself hooked, though still unsuccessful. I was also feeling rather dispirited to be constantly bottom of the class in my beginners’ lessons, where the other learners are decidedly younger and more flexible. This “bible” is indeed a godsend, offering an alternative route to the improved game that I crave…

“I am particularly happy to put into practice the advice in chapters 3(Golf Setup Up for Senior Golfers to Add Distance) and 4(Super Simple Posture Setup Guide), as distance has been sadly lacking in my play. I have also been assiduously studying, to no avail, online videos for weight transfer. It just didn’t seem to work. Now these tips give me hope.”


The Stiff Older Golfers Bible For Instant Power And Distance….Without Exercise Or Stretching

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What You will Get In These Specific Golf Exercises For Seniors:

  • Stiff/Older Golfers Bible to Instant Power: Levels 1, 2, and 3 Instruction
  • 2014 Golf Equipment Guide for Golfers Over 50
  • Lifetime Access to Bonus Instructional Video’s ($19.99)
  • The Golfing Good Life: Golf Instruction for Golfers Over 50 ($19.99)
  • Pain Free Golf: Solutions for Golfers Over 50 ($19.99)
  • The Top 10 Easiest Golf Specific Stretch Routines in 10 minutes or less ($109.99)
  • The ability to get your money back within 60 days, no questions asked!

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“I would give it 5 stars.

Unlike the quick tips type of golf instruction, this instruction focuses on selective techniques that can be selectively applied based on an individual’s needs and abilities.

My golf swing is a work in progress and the ‘Stiff Older Golfers Bible’ has become my guide to better golf. Several of the techniques described I have been using. Now I am evaluating the other techniques provided.

In my opinion, solid Instruction that should help golfers achieve improvement and have a more enjoyable golf game.”

Good Golfing
Martin Irvine
Age 66, Index 7.1 (hopefully going lower)


At Last! Get The Golf Tips YOU Want…

These golf exercises for seniors  offer you the ability to regain the power you need to hit the greens. To hit more greens by using shorter irons. To keep up with your kids on the golf course. To clear the hazards off of the tee. To keep having fun, enjoyment, and fulfillment on the golf course at any age! To become a better, happier golfer!

Try it today, 100% RISK FREE

The Stiff Older Golfers Bible For Instant Power And Distance….Without Exercise Or Stretching

Get Started today. If you are not completely happy within the first 60 days, we have an automated 100 percent refund policy.

You’re invited to watch every video… read every transcript… and even memorize all the Age Defying Golf ebooks – if memorizing’s your thing.

Consume as much info as you can! Take as much as you’d like! If you soak up everything and you feel that our product did not benefit your golf game…return it to us for a full refund! No matter what happens, you can cancel….without question.

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(That’s cheaper than a bargain barrel, used, 10-year old driver!)

We stand behind The Stiff/Older Golfers Bible with an iron clad.

60-day money back guarantee.
No questions asked.

The Stiff Older Golfers Bible for Instant Power and Distance….Without Exercise

Everyday Price: $89.99

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Instant ebook Download

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